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Autonomic Management of Multimodal Interaction: DynaMo in action

In Proceedings of the fourth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2012). pages 35-44. 2012.

Pierre-Alain Avouac, Philippe Lalanda, Laurence Nigay


Multimodal interaction can play a dual key role in pervasive environments because it provides naturalness for interacting with distributed, dynamic and heterogeneous digitally controlled equipment and flexibility for letting the users select the interaction modalities depending on the context. The DynaMo (Dynamic multiModality) framework is dedicated to the development and the runtime management of multimodal interaction in pervasive environments. This paper focuses on the autonomic approach of DynaMo whose originality is based on partial interaction models. The autonomic manager combines and completes partial available models at runtime in order to build multimodal interaction adapted to the current execution conditions and in conformance with the predicted models. We illustrate the autonomic solution by considering several running examples and different partial interaction models.