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Bring2Me: Bringing Virtual Widgets Back to the User's Field of View in Mixed Reality

In AVI '20: International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. pages 1-9. 2020.

Charles Bailly, François Leitner, Laurence Nigay


Current Mixed Reality (MR) Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) offer a limited Field Of View (FOV) of the mixed environment. Turning the head is thus necessary to visually perceive the virtual objects that are placed within the real world. However, turning the head also means loosing the initial visual context. This limitation is critical in contexts like augmented surgery where surgeons need to visually focus on the operative field. To address this limitation we propose to bring virtual objects/widgets back to the users' FOV instead of forcing the users to turn their head. We carry an initial investigation to demonstrate the approach by designing and evaluating three new menu techniques to first bring the menu back to the users' FOV before selecting an item. Results show that our three menu techniques are 1.5s faster on average than the baseline head-motion menu technique and are largely preferred by participants.