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HCI and Software Engineering for User Interface Plasticity

In The Human Computer Handbook - Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications, 3rd edition. pages 1195-1220. 2012.

Joëlle Coutaz, Gaëlle Calvary

Julie A. Jacko (Eds.)


HCI and SE pursue the same goal, using development processes and notations that sometimes overlap and complement each other. In this chapter, we present one way to exploit both fields for the development of plastic user interfaces using the notion of model as the keystone between the two disciplines. We define the concept of user interface (UI) plasticity and develop the problem space for this concept. Exemplars of plastic interactive systems will illustrate aspects of this problem space. We then introduce the key objectives and principles of Model-­Driven Engineering (MDE) and analyze the contributions and limitations of MDE to address the problem of UI plasticity. Drawing from our experience with MDE applied to UI plasticity, we show how to address these limitations and conclude with recommendations for a research agenda