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Where do Facebook Intelligent Lists Come From?

In International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI’2012). pages 289-292. 2012.

Fatoumata Camara, Gaëlle Calvary, Rachel Demumieux, Nadine Mandran

14-17 February 2012


On September 19th 2011, Facebook introduced ”Intelligent
Lists” which are Friends Lists (FL) automatically created and
pre-filled based on users’ and their contacts’ profiles information
(education, work, city of living, kin, etc.). In early 2011,
we conducted a study on contact management in Facebook
in order to understand users’ real needs. Outcomes from this
study suggest several recommendations, some of which can
be found today in the Facebook Intelligent Lists.
This paper provides explanations on the recent evolution in
Facebook contact management. The user study involved 148
participants. From their Facebook accounts, we retrieved 340
Friends Lists and 347 family ties. In the overall, the study
has led to numerous interesting outocomes. In this paper, we
focus on those related to Friends Lists and, particularly, on
recommendations that have not yet been implemented in Facebook.