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Early Lessons from the Development of SPOK, an End-user Development Environment for Smart Homes

In Ubicomp'2014 adjunct Proceedings, HomeSys 2014. pages 895-902. 2014.

Joëlle Coutaz, Sybille Caffiau, Alexandre Demeure, James Crowley


development of SPOK, an End-User Development
Environment for smart homes. SPOK (Simple
PrOgramming Kit) uses a pseudo-natural language as
an end-user programming language and runs on top of
an extension of OSGi/iPOJO to support the dynamic and
resilient management of web services and devices from
a variety of protocols including EnOcean, UPnP, and
Watteco. The motivation for SPOK is to give the power
back to end-users so that they can shape their own
smart home at will. This paper reports lessons learned
from the methods we have used to validate our
hypotheses as well as a number of technical issues
concerning development of this type of EUDE. A Video
of SPOK in action as of October 2013 is accessible at: