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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

µGlyph: a Graphical Notation to Describe Microgestures

In 33ème conférence internationale francophone sur l’Interaction Humain-Machine (IHM'22). 2022.

Adrien Chaffangeon Caillet, Alix Goguey, Laurence Nigay


Hand microgestures define a promising modality for rapid and eye-free interaction while holding or not an object. Studied in many contexts, e.g. in virtual/augmented reality, there is no consensual definition of a microgesture, nor a notation to accurately describe a microgesture. The absence of a reference framework leads to ambiguities in the naming or description of microgestures. We propose µGlyph, a graphical notation to precisely describe hand microgestures with different level of abstraction. This notation is based on a vocabulary of elementary events from the biomechanics of the hand. Each event is associated with a context of execution as well as optionnal characteristics such as the finger that makes the micromovement. We study the descriptive power of the µGlyph notation by positioning it with respect to the existing design axes and by describing the most common microgestures of the literature.