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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Building and using home automation systems: a field study

In Fifth International Symposium on End-User Development (IS-EUD 2015). pages 125-140. 2015.

Alexandre Demeure, Sybille Caffiau, Eléna Elias, Camille Roux


These last years, several new home automation boxes appeared on the market, the new radio-based protocols facilitating their deployment with respect to previously wired solutions. Coupled with the wider availability of connected objects, these protocols have allowed new users to set up home automation sys-tems by themselves. In this paper, we relate an in situ observational study of these builders in order to understand why and how the smart habitats were developed and used. We led 10 semi-structured interviews in households composed of at least 2 adults and equipped for at least 1 year, and 47 home automation builders answered an online questionnaire at the end of the study. Our study confirms, specifies and exhibits additional insights about usages and means of end-user development in the context of home automation.