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End-User-Development for Smart Homes: Relevance and Challenges

In Proceedings of the Workshop "EUD for Supporting Sustainability in Maker Communities", 4th International Symposium on End-user Development (IS-EUD). 6 pages. 2013.

Rémy Dautriche, Camille Lenoir, Alexandre Demeure, Cédric Gérard, Joëlle Coutaz, Patrick Reignier


Ubiquitous computing is now mature enough to unleash the potential of Smart Homes. The obstacle is no more about hardware concerns but lies in how inhabitants can build, configure and control their Smart Home. In this paper, we defend the idea that End-User-Development (EUD), which considers inhabitants as makers rather than mere consumers, is an effective approach for tackling this obstacle. We reflect on the lifecycle of devices and services to discuss challenges that EUD system will have to address in the Smart Home context: installation and maintenance, designation, control, development (including programming, testing, and reusing), and sharing.