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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Toward a generic architecture for UI adaptation to emotions

In IHM'2017. 10 pages. 2017.

Julián Andrés Galindo, Éric Céret, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa


Adapting at runtime user interfaces is a well-known requirement in human computer interaction
which becomes a very challenging task when taking into account dynamic user properties such as
emotions. To address the question of adapting user interfaces to emotions, we propose Perso2u is an
architecture to personalize user interfaces with user emotions at runtime. This approach relies on
emotion recognition tools which raises the question of accuracy This paper aims at showing that it is
possible to obtain similar emotion results from several tools based on face recognition to emphasize
the independence of the emotion inferring engine and more globally of the architecture. To achieve
this goal, this paper reports on the results of an experiment to compare three emotion detection tools.