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Automated planning for user interface composition

In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems: SEMAIS'11 at IUI 2011 conference. 2011.

Yoann Gabillon, Mathieu Petit, Gaëlle Calvary, Humbert Fiorino


In ubiquitous computing, both the context of use and the users’ needs may change dynamically with users’ mobility and with the availability of interaction resources. In such changing environment, an interactive system must be dynamically composable according to the user’s need and to the current context of use. This article elicits the degrees of freedom User Interfaces (UI) composition has to face, and investigates automated planning to compose UIs without relying on a predefined task model. This composition process considers a set of ergonomic criterions, the current context of use, and the user’s goal as inputs of a planning problem. A running case study illustrates the approach: the end-user specifies his/her goal (e.g., Get medical assistance); the system composes a UI in turn by assembling fragments of models in a planning process.