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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

PickCells: A Physically Reconfigurable Cell-composed Touchscreen

In CHI 2019, the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. pages 273:1-273:14. 2019.

Alix Goguey, Cameron Steer, Andrés Lucero, Laurence Nigay, Deepak Ranjan Sahoo, Céline Coutrix, Anne Roudaut, Sriram Subramanian, Yutaka Tokuda, Timothy Neate, Jennifer Pearson, Simon Robinson, Matt Jones


Touchscreens are the predominant medium for interactions with digital services; however, their current fixed form factor narrows the scope for rich physical interactions by limiting interaction possibilities to a single, planar surface. In this paper we introduce the concept of PickCells, a fully re- configurable device concept composed of cells, that breaks the mould of rigid screens and explores a modular system that affords rich sets of tangible interactions and novel across- device relationships. Through a series of co-design activities– involving HCI experts and potential end-users of such sys- tems – we synthesised a design space aimed at inspiring future research, giving researchers and designers a frame- work in which to explore modular screen interactions. The design space we propose unifies existing works on modu- lar touch surfaces under a general framework and broadens horizons by opening up unexplored spaces providing new interaction possibilities. In this paper, we present the Pick- Cells concept, a design space of modular touch surfaces, and propose a toolkit for quick scenario prototyping.