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Innovative Key Features for Mastering Model Complexity in Practice : a Multimodel Editor Illustrated on Task Modeling

In Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2015). pages 234-237. 2015.

Nicolas Hili, Yann Laurillau, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Gaëlle Calvary

Demonstration paper


Modeling Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is nowadays practiced by IT companies. However, it remains a straightforward task that requires some advanced User Interface (UI) modeling tools to ease the design of large-scale models. This includes tackling massive UI models, multiplicity of models, multiplicity of stakeholders and collaborative editing.

This paper presents a UI multimodel editor for HCI, illustrated on task modeling. We present innovative key features (genericity, creativity, model conformity, reusability, etc.) to facilitate UI model design and to ease interaction.