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Specifying Multimodal Collaborative User Interfaces: A Comparison of Four Notations

In Proceedings of Conference on Design Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems (DSVIS 2008), Springer, Kingston, Canada. In LNCS 5136. pages 281-286. 2008.

Frédéric Jourde, Yann Laurillau, Laurence Nigay, Alberto Moran

Graham, T.C.Nicholas and Palanque, Philippe (Eds.)


Interactive systems including multiple interaction devices and surfaces for supporting the collaboration of a group of co-located users are increasingly common in various domains. Nevertheless few collaborative and multimodal interface specification notations are proposed. As a first step towards a notation for specifying a design solution prior to its software design and development, we adopt an empirical approach. We applied and compared four existing notations for collaborative systems by considering a case study, namely, a system for supporting informal co-located collaboration in hospital work. This paper reports the conclusions from this empirical comparison.