Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction Humain-Machine

Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Conception de Systèmes Collaboratifs Multimodaux : Analyse Comparative de Notations

In Actes de la 20ème Conférence francophone sur l’Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM’2008, Metz, France, Septembre 2008). pages 121-128. 2008.

Frédéric Jourde, Yann Laurillau, Laurence Nigay, Alberto Moran


Interactive systems including multiple interaction devices and surfaces for supporting the collaboration of a group of co-located users are increasingly common in real applications. These include collaborative and multimodal military command posts, the latter of which is one of our application domains. Nevertheless few collaborative and multimodal interface specification notations are proposed. As a first step towards a notation for specifying a design solution prior to its software design and development, we adopt an empirical approach. In this paper we apply and compare four existing notations for collaborative systems by considering a case study, namely, a system for supporting informal co-located collaboration in hospital work. Since the selected notations differ in their descriptive qualities, with some focusing on collaborative tasks while others focus on the users' roles and on collaborative situations, our goal is not to empirically evaluate the notations. Our goal is rather to assess their complementary aspects and their projected ability to specify a multimodal collaborative user interface.