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Toward testing multiple User Interface versions

In Joint Research Workshop 10th Systems Testing and Validation (STV15) and 1st International Workshop on User Interface Test Automation (INTUITEST 2015). pages 61-72. 2015.

Nelson Mariano Leite Neto, Julien Lenormand, Lydie du Bousquet, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa

Aho, Pekka; Vos, Tanja; Garbajosa, Juan; Bøegh, Jørgen; Rennoch, Axel (Eds.)


More and more software systems are susceptible to be used in different contexts. Specific user interfaces are thus developed to take into ac-count the execution platform, the environment and the user. The multi-plication of user interfaces increases the testing task, although the core application remains the same. In this article, we explore a solution to automate testing in presence of multiple user interfaces designed for the same application (e.g. web-based, mobile, …). It consists of expressing abstract test scenarios in a high-level language, and then to apply con-cretization rules specific to each UI version to generate executable tests.