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Fusion Engines for Input Multimodal Interfaces: a Survey

In ICMI '09: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Multimodal interfaces, November 2-6, Cambridge, MA, USA. ACM.. pages 153-160. 2009.

Denis Lalanne, Laurence Nigay, Philippe Palanque, Peter Robinson, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jean-François Ladry

ACM New York, NY, USA (Eds.)


Fusion engines are fundamental components of multimodal interactive systems, to interpret input streams whose meaning can vary according to the context, task, user and time. Other surveys have considered multimodal interactive systems; we focus more closely on the design, specification, construction and evaluation of fusion engines. We first introduce some terminology and set out the major challenges that fusion engines propose to solve. A history of past work in the field of fusion engines is then presented using
the BRETAM model. These approaches to fusion are then classified. The classification considers the types of application, the fusion principles and the temporal aspects. Finally, the challenges for future work in the field of fusion engines are set out. These include software frameworks, quantitative evaluation, machine learning and adaptation.