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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

A service-oriented approach for interactive system design

In 8th International Workshop on TAsk Models and DIAgrams (Tamodia'2009). In LNCS 5963. pages 44-57. 2009.

Jorge-Luis Pérez-Medina, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Dominique Rieu


The introduction of new technologies leads to a more and more complex interactive systems design. In order to describe the future interactive system, the human computer interaction domain uses specific models, design processes and tools in order to represent, create, store and manipulate models. The aim of our work is to facilitate the work of model designers and project managers by helping them in choosing processes, modeling environments adapted to their specific needs. This paper details the use of a service-oriented approach for model management. Our propositions are related to three different abstract levels: the operational level to choose the appropriate tool, the organisational level to select a process and the intentional level to define modelling goals.