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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Peinture Numérique sur Modèles 3D en Usage Récréatif

188 pages. 2016.

Élisabeth Rousset

Université Grenoble Alpes (Eds.)


Creating digital 3D scenes is attractive for the general public. However, even if hardware and financial constraints tend to disappear, the creation of 3D content remains a difficult task for novice users. Indeed, 3D modeling software is complex and requires a long learning process that is not suitable for recreational use. The purpose of this work is to contribute to the democratization of digital 3D creation by the study and design of human-computer interactions that are appropriate to novice users.We focus on the 3D painting task: digital painting on 3D models. We analyze the problem according to three axes: stylus interaction, navigation inside the 3D scene, and the combination of both painting and navigation. We first present a state of the art regarding the techniques of 3D painting and 3D navigation as well as their possible combinations. We also survey the existing input devices for 3D painting.We then present our three main contributions. A first experiment allows us to evaluate the effect of the directness of interaction on the 3D painting task. The study reveals that direct interaction leads to the drawing of higher quality line segments than indirect interaction. Next, we propose new interaction techniques for rotating around 3D objects. They are evaluated through another experiment that reveals the importance of a new criterion that we introduce: surjection. Finally, we present an evaluation of various combinations of 3D navigation and 3D painting interaction techniques. This study reveals that a bimanual interaction combining touch and stylus is the most appropriate for digital painting on 3D models by novice users.Our work, considered with other efforts that aim at simplifying 3D modeling, indicates that digital 3D creation for the general public is within reach.