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A Novel Taxonomy for Gestural Interaction Techniques Based on Accelerometers

In Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2011). pages 63-72. 2011.

Adriano Scoditti, Renaud Blanch, Joëlle Coutaz


A large variety of gestural interaction techniques based on accelerometers is now available.
In this article, we propose a new taxonomic space as a systematic structure for supporting the comparative analysis of these techniques as well as for designing new ones.
An interaction technique is plotted as a point in a space where the vertical axis denotes the semantic coverage of the techniques, and the horizontal axis expresses the physical actions users are engaged in, i.e. the lexicon.
In addition, syntactic modifiers are used to express the interpretation process of input tokens into semantics, as well as pragmatic modifiers to make explicit the level of indirection between users’ actions and system responses.
To demonstrate the coverage of the taxonomy, we have classified 25 interaction techniques based on accelerometers.
The analysis of the design space per se reveals directions for future research.