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Cloud Menus, a Circular Adaptive Menu for Small Screens

In IUI'18: 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces Proceedings. pages 317-328 . 2018.

Jean Vanderdonckt, Sarah Bouzit, Gaëlle Calvary, Denis Chene


This paper presents Cloud Menus, a split adaptive menu for small screens where the predicted menu items are arranged in a circular tag cloud with a location consistent with their corresponding position in the static menu and a font size depending on their prediction level. This layout results from a 3-step design process: (i) defining an initial design space on Bertin’s 8 visual variables and 4 quality properties, (ii) identifying the most preferred layout based on agreement rate, and (iii) implementing it into Cloud Menus, a new widget for Android with circular layout. An empirical study suggests that cloud menus reduce item selection time and error rate when prediction is correct without penalizing it when prediction is incorrect, compared to two baselines: a non-adaptive static menu and an adaptive linear menu. From this study, design guidelines for cloud menus are elaborated.