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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Evaluation of a context-aware voice interface for Ambient Assisted Living: qualitative user study vs. quantitative system evaluation

In ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing 7(2). pages 1-36. 2015.

Michel Vacher, Sybille Caffiau, François Portet, Brigitte Meillon, Camille Roux, Eléna Elias, Benjamin Lecouteux, Pedro Chahuara


This paper presents an experiment with seniors and people with visual impairment in a voice-controlled
smart home using the SWEET-HOME system. The experiment shows some weaknesses in automatic speech
recognition which must be addressed, as well as the need of better adaptation to the user and the environment.
Indeed, users were disturbed by the rigid structure of the grammar and were eager to adapt it
to their own preferences. Surprisingly, while no humanoid aspect was introduced in the system, the senior
participants were inclined to embody the system. Despite these aspects to improve, the system has been
favourably assessed as diminishing most participant fears related to the loss of autonomy.