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Activelec: an Interaction-Based Visualization System to Analyze Household Electricity Consumption

In Workshop Vis in Practice - Visualization Solutions in the Wild, IEEE VIS 2017, Oct 2017, Phoenix, United States. 4 pages. 2017.

Jérémy Wambecke, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Renaud Blanch, Romain Vergne

IEEE (Eds.)


Everyone can now record and explore the evolution over time of his/her personal household electricity consumption. However understanding what links this data to our behavior remains a challenge. In this paper, we present a visualization tool based on the direct manipulation, by the users, of their behavior. Users can select and modify their actions over time, evaluating the results on the data with the visualization. We also conduct a user study, showing that our method allows users to understand the links between actions and data, and to use this knowledge in order to test and evaluate changes in their behavior.